Steam Hair Straightening Flat Iron Hair Styling Tools

Plug standard

* Material:Ceramic
* Use:Hair
* Model:KM-3011
* Input Voltage: AC 110--240V  50-60Hz  
* Power Consumption:65W
* Temperature control: constant temperature            
* Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year 
* Ultra fast heat recovery 
* 100% Aluminum sheet
* For all hair types ,super curler styles 
* Never stick to the hair 
* Fast heat up
* Floating plates for superior alignment
Safety Warning : 
* Don't touch the heating body to avoid being scalded .
* Power off after use and disconnect with power supply .as high temperature remaining heat ,do not touch the heating body to avoid being scalded .
* Steam will be generated when you apply high temperature iron plate to wet careful not to burn yourself .
* Don't put the hair straighter into water or other liquid to avoid short circuit .do not use it in most places such as bathroom.
* Clean the panel with a dry towel after use and do not scratch the panel with sharp tools .