Ceramic Hair Curler Automatic and Wireless


  • Achieve captivating curls without the fuss with these amazing automatic cordless curling tongs!
  • Cordless design with a rechargeable battery, ideal for achieving stunning styles anywhere, anytime
  • Hair curlers fully charge in only 3 hours, providing you with up to 60 minutes of styling at 180-degrees
  • Easy to use: hair is automatically drawn into the barrel & the wand does all the hard work for you!
  • 6 temperature levels & timers, allowing you to create any show-stopping style you desire with ease!

Portable Hair Curler Description

Proof that curling your hair needn't be a tricky or time-consuming task, these automatic curling tongs help you to create curvaceous curls with a salon-fresh shine in just a matter of minutes, perfect!

With a cordless design and built-in rechargeable battery pack, you'll no longer be restricted by cables or tethered to a power source, allowing you to style your hair to your heart's content anywhere, anytime! Lightweight and portable, this is the perfect piece of hair styling equipment to pop into your bag or suitcase to take with you on holiday, camping, festivals or anywhere you can think of. 

Now for the really cool bit: thanks to its automatic function, you barely have to lift a finger to achieve your curly hair goals! To use, simply choose between six different temperature settings and select the direction you want the curls to go in, insert a small section of hair into the opening of the curl chamber, press the power button and let the curler work its magic! Wait for the beep, release your hair, and prepare to be stunned by your perfectly coiled curls! 

For enhanced safety, these hair curlers have an automatic stop feature if anything gets stuck inside the barrel, allowing you to remove your hair from the curler safely and gently to prevent damage. Made with two layers of thermal insulation, you won't ever have to worry about burning your face or neck, making for ultra-safe use each and every time. 

With 360-degree heating and a tourmaline ceramic insert, your hair will come out flawlessly frizz-free and spellbindingly shiny for a luscious look that lasts all day! What more could you want? 

Manufacturer's description:

1.Input and Output Volt/Current:DC 5V/2A
2.18650 Battery Volt:3.6V
3.Battery Capacity:5000mAh(2500mAh*2)
4.Micro USB Cable for charging
5.Charging Time: 4.5 hours
6.Working Time: 1 hour
7.Warm-up Time: 2 minutes (150Celsius)
8.LCD Display: Heat, Timer, Battery Level and Curl Direction
9.Heat insulation within the curling chamber for skin/eye protection
10.Ceramic-coated Barrel
11.Anti-tangle Protection
12.Ultra-small and cordless, to easily take
13.32bit IC: Faster and Smarter
14.Auto Shut Down: no operation after 10 minutes
15.Weight: 374g/13.2 oz.
16.Size: 2”x7.5”x2” diameter

Style in 5 easy steps:
1. First-time use. Charge fully for 4.5 hours.
2. Choose your heat and select your curl direction. Left or right.
3. Start with a 1-inch section of hair.
4. Insert hair into the curl chamber, press and hold the button to begin curling.
5. Wait for the beep and then release the perfect curl.

6 Time Setting for different hair waves:
8s/10s: slight curls
12s/14s: soft curls
16s/18s: strong curls

6 Heat Settings for different hair types:
150/160Celsius: Delicate, dyed or damaged hair
170/180Celsius: Normal and healthy hair
190/200Celsius: Rough or naturally curly hair

1. The hair curler needs 2-3 minutes to heat up the heating rod for every first-time use.
2. The hair curler provides 6 timers, for thick hair please use a longer timer for each curl.
3. Full battery charged is required for the first time use and please hold the ‘Curl' button and do not release it until a beep sound.

Package List / Accessories:
1 x Hair Curler
1 x Micro USB Charge Cable
1 x Carrying Bag
1 x User Manual


Material Ceramic, plastic
Colour Rose-gold, grey, white
Width 5.6cm
Length 19cm
Height 5.6cm
Weight 0.5kg