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Coconut Sugar Scrub Bars


Feel the sugar gently melt over your skin as it softly exfoliates and nourish every inch of you., circulating your blood flow to give your skin a fresh glow.

Give your skin a treat with these luscious sugar scrub bars.

Available in 3 different size jars.

  • Small - Small hearts enough to exfoliate your hands, elbow and knees.
  • Medium - Bigger hearts, 1 heart is enough to cover your whole body
  • Large - Same as medium, just more hearts to go around

The White Sugar Scrub Bars are unscented, relying on the pureness of the coconut oil used.

The Sugar Scrub Bars consists of the following ingredients:

  • Organic Based Soap (SLS & SLES Free!)
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Sugar

The Jar Sizes Are As Follow:

  • Small - 8 Bars
  • Medium - 16 Bars
  • Large - 24 Bars

The Sugar Scrub Bars make for a great gift for those that do not have a bath in their house or prefer to shower.

All freshly Hand Made by Us!

Made With Love xx

Delivery: 3 - 7 Days